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Text, Talk, Vote is a program of the National Institute for Civil Discourse.

Text, Talk, Vote creates a modern space for healthy political conversations.

Participants are led through the program through text messaging. Many report feeling engaged and heard for the first time. Text, Talk, Vote is absolutely free, and can jump start your next civic engagement effort.

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What is Text, Talk, Vote?

Transform apathy and frustration into excitement and activism.

Text, Talk, Vote is a text-message based civic engagement program. Stop the cynical, shallow conversations about the future of our country. Let Text, Talk, Vote guide you and your members through a positive, engaging conversation. Our democracy needs the voices of young voters who aren’t turned off from the political process. Let's talk to each other about what really matters to us and how it will play out in this election.

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Why Text, Talk, Vote?

Older generations had public spaces like diners and barbershops in which political and community conversations could be had.

Text, Talk, Vote creates that comfortable conversational space for the modern era. All too often, political conversations devolve into a cynical or combative “Thanksgiving Dinner” conversation.

We’re creating conversations to empower. By an overwhelming margin, most participants of the program say they had a good time: Texting and talking to friends is fun!

  • Over 80% said they enjoyed the conversation.
  • After using the program, an additional 20% of people say they are “definitely going to vote.”
  • 52% came away with new ideas and perspectives about their political involvement or their communities

A major goal of the program is to increase voter and civic engagement, and across all pilots of the program we see that the program is incredibly effective and engaging. Immediately after the program we send participants a link to vote directly to their phones, and provide a toolkit for staying involved.

How Does It Work?

The Text, Talk, Vote platform is completely free, and always live: Text “vote” to 42016 to give it a try.

Leveraging Text, Talk, Vote


In Akron, Ohio, students not only participated in Text, Talk, Vote around the mayoral elections, but met with the mayor afterwards. Student leaders from the TTV sat down with the mayor and presented a report of the responses and findings of the program, and talked through some of the common areas of concern.

Your organization can also use Text, Talk, Vote to amplify the voices of your members. Since TTV collects information centrally, we can assign you a unique organizing code so we can provide you with a report on your participant data. Use this information to spark conversations with elected officials and demonstrate the scale of your membership, or however you find it helpful within your organization.

Student Ambassador Program

What is a Student Ambassador?

Are you a leader on campus with student organizations, issues, or advocacy? Or just looking for way to talk about the issues of the day with friends? Become a TTV Student Ambassador - spend just a few minutes learning about the program, and we’ll provide you with everything you need to ignite your own conversations on campus.

How do I bring TTV to my campus?

Do you text? (Obviously you do.) Bringing Text, Talk, Vote to your campus is as easy as texting “Vote to 42016’ Whether you’re just sitting around with friends talking about the elections and want to have a better conversation, or looking to host a more formal event on campus to get your peers involved, we got you covered. Learn more about bringing it to campus here.

How can I use TTV to bolster advocacy on my campus?

After using Text, Talk, Vote, students are more likely to vote and become civically engaged. Use TTV in conjunction with an advocacy event, or use the program itself as the reason to talk to elected officials. Collect your own data from the program and present it to elected officials just like students in Akron did.

TTV can spur conversations on campus, and amplify your clout with elected officials.

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